Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Auto Crit-

For a quick check for grammatical errors, gerund overuse, weak words and much more, check out:

I know I'll be using it! It spotted my gerund "abuse" easily. Too easily. :)

Hope it helps someone out there!

Enjoy the Journey!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Spiritual Warfare-

The massive steamship pushes through the cresting waves of Lake Michigan weathering any storms as it moves toward its final destination with direction and purpose. Large steamships with their strong steel hulls are made to break the barriers in their way. Confident and unwavering.

I want to be like the steamship, knowing that I too will have the strength to break through the worries and struggles of my life with confidence to reach my destiny. Thoughts and worries toss about in my head like a ship on rough seas. It is these thoughts that tear at my soul wearing down my mind, body and spirit. How can I protect the inner and outer parts of my mind and body?

I consider important tools of battle as prayer and faith. I need to pray constantly and believe that God will help me in my time of need. It is up to me to seek shelter out of the storm allowing God's light to welcome me home from the long battle even if it is only the battle of my mind like a ship, by way of the lighthouse, returns safely to shore. Believing that my personal Lord and Savior will protect me in times of great upheaval is the true test of faith that takes place daily in everything I do.

Like tests I perform on earth, my Godly tests require the right answers also and only God can dictate what these answers are. So, a personal relationship with God is essential. I cannot make up my own mind and go my own way without assistance from God. God designs his children for specific purposes, which may or may not be different from what we want or have defined as our own goals for this life. This explains why all of the financial wealth in the world will not take the place of God's will for one's life, and why a career with the highest respect may not be fulfilling or joyful if God is not in charge.

It is spiritual warfare everywhere I turn, and it starts in my own mind-in everyone's mind. Good versus evil is taking place every day. Don't believe it? Take a look in the newspapers or watch the news on the television. At times, the devil tempts the children of God much more than unbelievers. As children of God, we must repent of evil and rally for goodness in all that we do. Easy? No. But, we must not give up. Our destiny depends on it. Just as the ship in the storm must be captained with confidence and knowledge, we too must have God as our captain leading us to safety with strength and wisdom and peace to fulfill our purpose in life. Without God, we are tossed about like a sailboat in rough waters.