Saturday, June 24, 2006

Make the Bed!

Hello Fellow Blogger friends,

Okay, I admit it...I haven't ever really been concerned about beds being made in our house. My kids make their own decision on that. I showed them how when they were younger, and then left it up to them. And I confess that I don't make my own bed every day...did I just hear gasps out there in cyber-world? Not make her bed? Well that's just terrible, you think. But again, it's just never been a big thing with me. Okay what's the point, you ask.

Well on those days that I decide I want my bed made, I quickly throw the top covers--my quilt and comfortor over my queen size bed, not paying any mind to the sheets underneath. As I was tossing them over my bed one day, I wondered if this was a lot like disguising real thoughts of inadequacy and guilt from sin when we buy our fancy cars, our expensive homes and materialistic things like the name brand suit and shoes in hopes to feel better. Is it all a disguise, a cover for the real feelings inside? Oh we all like nice things...but at what cost? I wonder if some like to shop for escape from dealing with problems and bad feelings, instead of going to the source, our God through our Lord, Jesus Christ for peace, fulfillment and forgiveness. But instead are we pulling the comfortor over our beds in hopes of hiding what's lying underneath? Will those materialistic items be enough?

I pray that we'll be able to deal with pain, disappointments, anger, feelings of guilt from sin and other issues by praying and confessing sins to Jesus Christ, instead of running out for the latest car or outfit. He is the only source for long-term peace and joy.

And no, I won't make my bed any different after this post ;)

From one blogger just trying to find the joy in the journey...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


It's interesting to stop and think about where writers come up with their stories. Where do these stories come from? I hadn't put too much thought into the subject until my mom mentioned that she was depressed by my stories and didn't want other people to read them, thinking they were about me. I reassured my mom that no, in fact, they were not based on my life or me at all...but in thinking about that, I wondered if that was entirely true. The story itself is fiction, but what about my character's thoughts/feelings?

I think about some of the stories that I've written, and I have felt the way that my characters have at one time or another, but these feelings are ones that most have had, so I think readers will be able to relate to my characters better. That's the goal, right?

I have thought about where Stephen King gets his stories from. I mean, that's just plain scary. I did read his book, On Writing, but honestly couldn't tell you if he mentioned where his stories come from or not. The stories aren't real of course, but the feelings behind some of the characters must be real. I'd say all characters, but his stories can get wayyyy out there so not all are human ;)

So back to the question: Where do stories come from? I have a book on Freud and dream interpretation, maybe I should read it to see what he has to say on the subject. Obviously our imaginations, right? What does that mean? Do we have a magical fairy godmother/muse up there directing our thoughts? I know the holy spirit directs our lives down the path that God wants us to follow--is there something us going up there?

Well, now my head hurts, but I'll just say that for now, my stories are fiction and not based on anyone I know or myself, even if some of the thoughts and feelings are based on real human emotion. There...that sounds good. That's my story, and I'm sticking with it!

End of Story...

What do you think?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Hello Fellow Blogger Buddies~

Sorry that I've been neglectful to my blog! Blame it on the weather--the birds singing, the soft warm breezes blowing through my hair as I lounge on my deck at the RV (home away from home), those many writing projects--whatever the reason, I've been a tad bit unfocused. But lately it's most likely because I've been tired, esp after a nightmarish week of work. Hell week. It was good to go thru it, I tell my show yourself you can get thru childbirth. Ha Ha. No, it wasn't anything like that...don't worry :) This on top of an already busy few months of constant stress.

I've been trying to focus on my writing projects as I've stated before. Many writers have a hard time focusing when they have so many projects in the works. I love Kevin Alexander's monthly article in Writer's Digest magazine on the subject. He is hilarious. Here's the thing. I'm having my novel critiqued weekly at the Notebored (Writing group that I've mentioned before.) Every week as part of a workshop, I post 2,000 words and have approx 4-6 people give feedback on it. It doesn't sound like a lot, but when trying to revise the terrible stuff I wrote three years ago and then revising that after receiving feedback only to find out it's still terrible, it is tough. The cycle continues weekly. It's been five weeks now. On top of this, I really want to market a children's story as well as work on other pieces. I have my goals, but just can't seem to get all of this done! What is more important--work on the novel? Get out the children's story? How about those other two short stories that I've had critiqued and re-written 20 times that are calling my name? I also have many other flash/short shorts that I've written on the Notebored from triggers--what about them? I could re-write and post on the Notebored as part of another challenge. I also try to participate in the weekly trigger flash to keep my writing skills up to par as I revise my novel. But...what's more important? How do I prioritize? What story is more important?

Okay, you'll know by now that I'm very much a gut instinct kinda girl. I listen to the Holy Spirit for direction in my life. Does the Spirit guide me on such simple projects? If so, I'm not listening. Or am I? I could be doing many other things with my time. Why write? What does my instinct say about that? It certainly isn't an enjoyable experience all of the time, especially after another "critter" slaughtered my flash or thinks my novel is something out of a scary movie. Okay I might be exaggerating, but honestly, it does get overwhelming. Does anyone else feel this way?? Am I all alone? Am I normal?

Remember the post for lists and goals? Well, I still make them and actually do accomplish quite a bit, but every day lists? No way. Just can't do it. And after reading my earlier post on this subject, it sounds insane. I think I'm trying to control my life better, not wanting to miss out on everything. But life isn't that controllable is it? And do I need to be reminded of this daily?

So back to the main question, am I alone in my frustration of being a writer who struggles with her goals because of lack of time and focus? You tell me. Is there magical dust that I can buy? Will my muse help me? Will the Spirit show me the way? Or do I just write and write and write and do the best I can?

The good news is God is there for me. He listens to my insanity and frustrations and the Spirit does show me the way. I just need to remember to be still and listen to His voice. While I might go about my writing in an unfocused way...God reminds me to put the focus back on him. Hmmm...that is much more important. Yes, there is still craziness, and I still want everything organized, but my peace returns about my writing. I know this is the direction I should follow. I know that everything is fine. Just fine.

Thanks for reading and listening. I feel better already.

Enjoy the Journey!!