Friday, March 31, 2006

Lisa goes wireless!

Well, something good came out of my computer crashing! I finally got motivated to go wireless. I now get on the internet from my laptop! Awesome! My laptop didn't have a modem so I couldn't even hook up to our phone line for dial-up. So this is so much better!

I highly recommend this if you're using a laptop that isn't currently hooked to DSL already or doesn't have a modem for dial up. Even if you do have a modem, this way is so much faster. Do I know how to do this? Heck no. I know you need certain equipment, software and of course DSL from a main computer already. Just get yourself a nice little techie, and he'll fix you up-well, for a small fee anyway.

I love it!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Practice, practice, practice...revised

Hi Fellow Writers/Bloggers~

We know, as writers, that we need to practice writing to improve our writing skills. We know this. But sometimes trying to find something to write about can be challenging. Because I've learned how to use various triggers to help start a story, finding a subject to write about isn't a problem. I might have a problem once I've been writing for ten years, but since I'm such a newbie, my problem is lack of time and talent more so than from lack of ideas.

I wanted to pass along some of my ideas to come up with triggers to start my stories. Keep in mind that some stories are just for practice. I post stories for critters to critique knowing that it isn't good enough to be published. Why? The learning experience. I learn from others who will take an unbiased look at my work and head me in the right direction. Not to get off subject, these writing groups, as I've written before, have flash challenges that help to get you writing in no time. There are also many books that explore various trigger starts-I have two for reference if I want a challenge.

I've found something else very useful though. My own memories/experiences. I highly recommend making a list of all of your favorite/impressionable memories/experiences whether from childhood or adulthood. From these memories, you can list keywords/sentences to describe/summarize your emotions. All of these will give you enough raw emotions for many stories to come.

Cross Country camp: The accident (tears, heart racing, fear, friends, sirens/bright lights), pain, running on muddy trails, fun times-eating pizza, loyalty/teammates...
Grandma & Grandpa's House in Hopkins: Smells of the kitchen from Grandma's baking/cooking, Bible School learning about God, fun on Grandma's bike, spooky attic door, books and more books to look through, dollhouse, love, first kiss...
Campground-Campfires, square dances-fluffy colored skirts, wheelbarrow races on fun-day, campstore (candy galore)...
Apple orchard-scraps (squishy apples), burning leaves, ladders, bins, crates, mice, hot sun, sweat...

You get the idea. All of these can be used as story triggers/starts!! And this is with only four events/memories!

Happy Writing!! Enjoy the journey!!

ps-after reading Diane's comments I realized that I'd neglected to fine-tune this!

When tapping into your memories/experiences, the nice thing is that it doesn't need to be non-fiction! A great work of fiction can be started by one of our own experiences and an inspiring theme can easily be established!

I first started writing all non-fiction based on my experiences, but failed at first to see how these could be used as triggers for works of fiction whether short stories, flash-fiction and yes, even novels!
This makes for a more power-packed, emotional piece!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Baby Boy-

I need to decide whether to have my baby boy take drivers training this summer. It was hard signing my daughter up about six years ago, but my last baby?? This is tough stuff!!

I asked my son if he wanted to take drivers training this year, and he seemed hesitant. I must confess I was happy. Maybe he won't want to drive this year, I thought. Maybe not ever. My lips turned into a grin. Oh wouldn't that be sweet.

My baby turns "15" this June. It's just so hard to believe!

But as I pick him up "yet again" from track practice, I think to myself, "oh yeah, he's taking drivers training this year all right!"

How fickle mothers are! Or at least this one anyway.

Getting Focused!

Happy Monday fellow bloggers-

I consider myself a fairly organized person, kinda, sorta...I'm detail oriented and set goals. I love to research and keep good notes. The writing business should be right up my alley, right? Well, it would be if I had all day & night to spend on my writing. But, I don't. Who does?

I mention this because I spent part of my weekend trying to get my writing projects organized- "again." I can't seem to keep my head above water with all of my projects. My New Year's resolutions are already coming unraveled as time escapes from me. I'm trying to write new stories from trigger challenges as part of one of my writing groups, keep organized with drafts and crits I've been receiving from critters as I re-write my current stories, and of course help crit other stories as part of writing groups I belong to. This is on top of trying to keep my blog updated and keep my logs for submissions updated. Oh, and I can't forget to fit in working full-time, raising a family and staying active with church activities and praising God! (Oh yeah, I always have to fit some sort of daily reading: The Holy Bible, Mere Christianity by C.S Lewis and I'm trying to start another fiction book-key word, trying.) How does one do it all? I often wonder. Yes, I do prioritize-there are so many other things I want to do that aren't even mentined here.

Over the weekend, I had just enough time to get my work organized before I got too tired to do housework and other responsibilities (notice the order of things :) I did revise a couple of stories only to read more crits and decide to change/revise "again." It's enough to drive me to hitting the delete button on these stories, for sure.

But, something keeps me pressing on. I don't know what it is. There is a burning in the belly desire to keep up the madness, to push it to the limit. To be heard, to be known? Or is it all about self expression? Or have I just finally lost my mind. I just don't know.

But, I'm already thinking about a new story to write. Now, to find the time... :)

I'm hoping ya'll can relate to this in some way-please share your day/weekend with me.

Take care and God bless!

Computer - Up & Running

Just to give anyone who cares :) an update on my computer. My techie was able to save all of my files-I have some slight browser issues with some things now but that's minor compared to the previous week.

Contest Updates:

February Winner-Diane! Pls check out her site:
Diane, just email me privately at

March Winner-March St. Ives when she links to the site!

Thanks to those of you who support this blog!!

Have a Blessed Day!


Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Howdy fellow bloggers!

Well after all of these years, I FINALLY did it. I pushed my computer over the edge. I made it crash & burn...I wanted to add further insult and throw it outside, but I restrained myself.

What happened? I am too fearful of those stupid automatic updates etc. My hubbie normally handles this silly stuff at home but he's on the road. make a long, disastrous story short, I stopped the update mid-way thru and according to my husband, created a world of hurt. I said, "nah, it's fine." Well, the next day, it kept crashing, and I couldn't even use the go-back feature. Help me, dear Lord. Keep in mind that I'm an office manager and deal with computer issues there. Why is it when I get home, my brain shuts off for the computer stuff? I just don't get it.

Okay, so now I'm trying Nerds 2 Go, and praying that the tech does a good job...he's "trying" to save all of my files. It's amazing how much we rely on this silly thing. I mean, I have so many files, it's hilarious. I have family trees that represent many years of research etc., too many stories I've written and many family pics. Yeah, I know, we're supposed to back this stuff up and my hubbie does this but he's been busy so it hasn't been done in 6 months, which creates some havoc. Even when I get my computer back, it might be awhile before I have internet access so my blogs will be limited as I will only have access at work. So...don't forget about me.

This started out to be a short blog, really... :)

Enjoy the Journey
(I'm trying, really I am :)

Saturday, March 11, 2006

February Contest Winner Announced!!

Hello fellow bloggers-The winner for February Contest is Diane from Check out her site! Diane, just email me your address and pick from the following: Lists to live By-For Everything that really matters Or Craft & Technique, which includes 300 tips etc.

Congrats to Diane! I'm really glad that we found each other & don't forget to check out her blog-it's a good one!

Yes there will be a March contest!! So you newbies out there, leave a comment on one of my posts and link to my site-first one, wins the contest!

Thx for stopping by!! Pls don't forget to comment before you leave!


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

One Simple Sentence Asks it All-

Prayer of Jabez-1 Chronicles 4:10

O that you would bless me indeed,
And, enlarge my territory,
That your hand would be with me,
And, that you would keep me from evil,
That I may not cause pain,
And God granted his request!

Such a tiny little prayer packed with the perfect request to God. Raw emotion.

I remember when there was a big hoopla over Bruce Wilkensen's book of "Prayer of Jabez, Breaking through to Blessed Life." Honestly, I didn't really think too much about it-a small book, a small prayer. But when I read the prayer when preparing for a new small group, the message hit me. It hit me hard. I was not praying for blessings for me and my family, not like I should. Sure, I pray(ed) for the normal things. For strength, guidance and protection for family, friends and the church etc, but I was not asking God for real blessings!

Bruce defines as follows, (p23): "To bless in a biblical sense means to ask for or to impact supernatural favor."

Okay, I pray for blessings for people when they are ill and dying but every day? Pray for extraordinary things to happen every day? Amazing, miraculous blessings for me? My family? Friends? No, I wasn't; but I am now!

I am praying with more expectation and faith that God will answer my prayer for blessings, expanded territory, for his hand to be with me, to keep me from evil, to prevent me from causing pain and believe that he WILL grant these things according to his will. I can ask for the miraculous things that only GOD can deliver for me and my loved ones and for the world I live in-I can expect great things from God!

Maybe this all sounds trivial. I mean it's not that I didn't believe in miracles or ever pray for them before. I do believe in angels, miracles and God's desire to grant our prayer requests, but not to the degree that Jabez prays for in his simple request before God.

This prayer and group study has really helped me improve my overall attitude about my daily life whether it's dealing with loss of a loved one, dealing with illness or with missing my spouse and dealing with the day-t-day struggles and frustrations of wearing many different hats from one of mother, daughter, friend, colleague, child of God and the list continues.

So what is this simple request all about? It's about asking God for supernatural goodness and protection that only God can bless us with. Things that we just cannot accomplish on our own. I now pray this prayer and my own version of it every day.

I hope you will too!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


First Draft-as not to forget my thoughts...I will be revising this post...

When you see that word, what do you visualize? Anything in particular come to mind? Maybe a past relationship? As we enter Lent Season, I just can't help but think about the rejection that Jesus must have felt from some of his friends on that fateful day, all those years ago near the time we now call Easter.

Yesterday, I received my second rejection (in two weeks) for a story submitted, and I can't help but feel just a little down about it. Yeah, yeah, I's just a part of the publishing world-part of the game. I'm not even submitting as much as I could be so shame on me, but I still have expectations that have not been met. I feel just a little rejected by a world I so much want to be a part of. Was this what Jesus experienced but on a much greater degree? I think he must have.

I think I can put my rejection into perspective as I can only imagine Jesus being led up that hill to that cross for my sins and my ultimate redemption. I like to focus on the good of Easter, but let's face it, there was a lot of bad along with it. So much sweat, blood and tears-none which even compares to the rejection I've felt in my short writing career. But it does make me think about Jesus, the man, who felt tremendous pain and rejection, and all for man...for me.