Thursday, January 18, 2007


My hubbie checks my blog when he's on the road from his phone, of all is that even possible. I don't get it. Why is it that the older I get, the more dumb I feel?

Anyhoo...Hi, Paulie!!! I love you.

My man & I will celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversay next month! Yippee!

American Idol Again?

Will the craziness ever end?? American Idol is on once again, and I am sitting in front of the television watching it, once again. It just seems to get stranger and stranger. One minute I think it's all staged and the next, I see someone so genuinely surprised that they can't sing that I get emotional. Is that what draws so many people? I don't know.

One minute the controversial judges are rude & obnoxious while at other times, they seem to enjoy and try to help the contestants, but then that Simon opens his mouth and vile spills out. Is that staged or is it real? Is it all an act. You play good judge, I'll play the bad judge? Can't tell for sure. I think I'd be disappointed yet relieved if I knew it was.

We all like to see people reach their goals. I think that's the best part of the show and in order for one to get to his/her dream, another cannot. I think the music industry has a genuine respect for the show and it's appeal as well. Some of the guest singers are well...a little "out there," but for singers like Prince to go on there, I think that says something. (I won't admit that I like that artist to very many people.) He is used to be more wild than he is now. (I think.)

So I prop my feet up and reach for the clicker in anticipation to see those make it one step closer to their dreams and to the others who don't. At least, they are participating in something they love, who can fault a person for that? Oh I'm sure there are quite a few out there that could and do. I just can't believe that some of those people actually believe they can sing...let's face it, there were just too many tears and anger for all of it be fake, right?

My husband said, "Look, honey, I love ya, but if you wanted to try out for American Idol, I'd stop you and say, "you stink, you can do other things, but you can't sing." Which brings me to my latest point, why aren't the genuine people who think they can sing not being told by family members not to go? I just don't understand that. But maybe some family members just find it hard to bring a lifelong dream to a halt. Maybe they don't want to be the ones to tell them...let Simon break it to him/her? I don't know. It just seems like a cruel way to find out.

Thank goodness, I have my never know, I might've faked my age to try out, but as he says, 'you stink, don't do it.' Another dream crushed. For those of you who don't know me, I'm kidding of course. About trying out that is, not that my singing isn't bad. Oh it is. I don't know if all of the reality shows are worth my time, most aren't, but I make an exception for American Idol, and I'm not alone.

QUESTION: Would you tell someone close that they could not achieve their goal because they set a goal just too far out of reach, and it was VERY obvious that they couldn't?

If you're wondering what I mean, see next week's American Idol from just a few examples.

Enjoy the journey!