Monday, October 16, 2006


I thought I'd lighten things up a bit and tell ya'll a quick funny.

Running late for work this morning...imagine that on a cold, dark, rainy Monday morning...and on the way out the door, I remembered the giant size coffee I had purchased over the weekend for the office. I mean this baby must weigh five lbs--hey, I'm was a good deal. Anyhoo, I then remembered that this is the type of can that needs to be opened with a can opener. NO problem, right? Yeah, right.

So here I am trying to fit this big can of coffee to my little opener, and I try and try to get it to open the whole way. Nope...after several tries, I still cannot open it completely...I'm now just a little mad and looking at the clock reading 7:55 am...I realize that gives me exactly five minutes to get to work on time, which isn't going to happen. I pull on the top and there is still a 2" gap so I try to twist and turn it, go. Well, I gotta tell ya, I almost threw that thing out the window! After staring at it like it had grown horns and was now laughing at me, I put the plastic cover on and set it on the table (as calmly as I could--really I was calm.) ;)

At lunch time, (after spending $30 for wrinkle cream at Walgreen's--now if that ain't enough to depress a girl, ha ha.) I tried once again to open it all the way and lo & behold, after a few tries it came right off. Now, I ask you...why couldn't it have done that this morning?? hmmm, I wonder. was your morning??

Friday, October 13, 2006

Who's it All About anyway?

Hello dear friends~

I was going through my son's old books to help clear out his room--no easy task :) I came across a book for teens by Max Lucado, and it deals with the subject that the focus of our lives should be on God and not ourselves. Good message, right? Pretty simple to understand, right? Why is it then that when life gets rough, that we focus on our problems and the negative rather than putting more focus on God for a more positive outlook? Is it the devil's work--our own human weakness that prevents us from looking up to the Lord? I think a little of both probably.

Society also helps dictate this, "it's all about me" syndrome. I fall into it; most, at some point, fall into it. But we need to rise above and recognize it for what it is--a trap. We must place our focus on our Lord Jesus Christ for peace and fulfillment for a joy that will last no matter what our circumstances.

God knows what he's doing! He knows when we focus on ourselves, we get down and depressed. He wants our focus on him, so that we realize His BEST plan for our lives. We are sinners--we cannot achieve God's will for our lives w/o the focus on Him. This world will NOT give us what we need, although we surely do try to find it there. We must have the attitude that it's all about God rather than about us--then, only then will we be on the right road. Easy? NO way.

We get down, depressed. I'm there--daily. But we don't have to struggle alone. There are medications and therapy--yes...good in their rightful place. But we must allow God to help us as the number one authority. When we look to God, we are on the right path to finding true happiness.

I pray that you will remember to look to the Lord and know that this message is my own reminder as well. God bless!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I can't believe I haven't posted anything in over a month! This fall has been flying by...but still...what the heck?

What have I been up to? Well, for one thing, I haven't felt well. Most of you know that I'm usually more quiet when something's up. I found out that I have two ovarian cysts that are bleeding, so they are painful. Good news is that they should go away on their own...I've had one before. They usually aren't this painful, but these babies I'm anxious for them to go away ;)

I have been writing as much as I can but with my laptap still dead and with my kids hogging the home computer, it has been difficult to get much done. That's my excuse anyway. I had all four submissions rejected for my "Big Girl" short story. I'm going to work on getting it out to a few others to try and find a home. I am still revising my novel from hell and getting support from the Notebored writing group. There just isn't enough time in the day to fix the glaring errors with it, so I take it step-by-step and find the experience very rewarding (even though at times it is extremely frustrating)--makes perfect sense, right?

I've also been fighting a little thing called depression. Any of you know about that? I've fought it off and on over the years, so I know the symptoms--it usually takes a while before I do something because...well, we all think we should just snap out of it like a bad mood--not like that, unfortunately. I went to my doctor for help, and I'm going to take just a low dose of an antidepressant that I was on years back.

I've also been busy with Cody's cross country practices and meets. I so enjoy them! My hubbie & I were CC runners in HS, so we have a lot of fun supporting him. Thankfully, my hubbie has been home on the weekends and that has been wonderful, but this summer/fall was tougher than I thought it would be without him during the week.

Well, I will try to be more faithful to my blogger buddies. Please be patient with me!

Take care and God Bless!!