Friday, November 17, 2006

Big 4-0

Ya know, it was tough enough turning 40 last month, but when books and newspaper and magazine articles magically get smaller, that really pushes me over the edge. My husband had been bugging me to get an eye exam because I couldn't read those darn backs of medicine boxes...why or why are those so darn small???

I'd been avoiding the issue for "a while." My hubbie and I were walking the mall (which we don't do much of) last weekend, and we walked past an eye place (what are these places even called?) Anyhoo, I'm trying to steer him the other way--too late. He spotted it. So...we walked in (after his pleading and pulling), and I got my exam...the first since my exam needed for my drivers license, I think one year. (I can't remember, I'm old remember?) I have very good eyesight other than small print. (so I'm far-sighted, right))

So, the optomotrist (sp?) recommended + 1 reading glasses. Now, those take some getting used to...I can use it for close up, but as most of you know to look further with them is well...a little scary.

I thought I'd look studious and wear them at work...all that did was make me dizzy, so I wear them when I'm using my laptop and going over my novel and other misc writing projects and for that fine print everywhere else. The funny thing is I'll watch tv with them on while I have my laptop. So I have learned to adjust them on my nose just right. I look up to see the show and down to write. Am I talented or what? My family still laughs when I have them that isn't very nice. I feel like a librarian when I have them on...why is that? Do I need to get one of those necklaces to attach them to? Notice how well I know the lingo! ha!

Well, the point of this...who the heck must have some entertainment value somehow. My blogger friends have such inspirational posts of late and what do I have? A post on reading glasses...I best step it up! But as most of you know (those who even care to stop by) I have more than my share of the serious side...hope you find some humor in your is serious enough, right?

Have a great day!


I can't believe that I did it again! Not blogging for an entire month?

I guess I've been focusing on other things...

Just an family and I are doing just fine. I have been working on my novel yet once again with the fine critters at the Notebored. I have a very complicated novel on my hands that I'm trying to work's tough! It shows some promise so I'm not giving up--yet. I might have to make some major changes to make it work, but I'm trying to work thru it w/o that at this point anyway. My inexperience is glaring.

Although I love summer and all of the sunny days on the beach, I am starting to appreciate fall and winter more than I ever have before. Summertime, my family and I are very active and spend a great deal of time up north at our trailer. But the winter is a slower time for us, and we're able to catch our breath. This is the best writing time for me, and I really love it. I'm looking forward to those cold, snowy days with my computer on my lap...if you know me at all, you know that I HATE snow...I don't like anything about it, so for me to even state such a thing is crazy...but it is true. Of course, I wouldn't hate snow if I didn't have to get out in it every single day, but reality of it, is that I do. But if I have something to look forward to, it sure helps!
Nope, no skiing for me.

So...with all of that being said, I won't have any excuses for not blogging, right??

Thanks to my friends for waking me up and reminding me that I need to remember my blogger friends!! Forgive me!!

Thanks for stopping by and for your constant support!