Thursday, August 02, 2007

Books, books and more books!

Hello Fellow bloggers!

I know that it is common knowledge that there are local bookstore consignment shops that would love your books...but until noticing a cute little shop up north, I had forgotten about them.

For booklovers like myself, these shops are a place close to heaven. I wish I had all day just to explore all they have to offer. I brought in a 'few' books last fall to the above mentioned bookstore, and stopped by this summer to see if I had made 'big bucks' (really not expecting anything). I had made $13! Now, I know that sounds about as exciting as my 'big' article compensation, but that's keeping in mind that most books go for $3 there and my cut is 1/3. Not too shabby.

The reason I mention this is to remind all of the booklovers out there to look up their local bookstores! I love consignment shops regardless of the type because it is a win-win situation. I love the fact that my books are in the hands of others who care just as much about them as I do. And I have a little spending money for MORE BOOKS! ;)

I have also been checking out the local library's collection of used books for sale, knowing garage sales are even better, but those are tougher for me to get to. I can get a book for a buck. Of course, I also use the library, but found that I'm a little too lax about bringing books back...imagine that. The fees are usually higher, so I might as well buy the book, right? Then get my money back from the consignment shop!

Hey, there is logic there somewhere, I know there is! Okay, so if you are sane and can't see my logic, then will you appreciate the fun in it, like I do? hubbie might not agree as he helps me carry the bags of books to the consignment shop! What a good guy!

And don't forget, somehow...someway...ENJOY THE JOURNEY!