Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Real Life Stuff

So are ya ready for a philosophical chat? Hope not. How about listening to me ramble about silly stuff?

Like why/how I always have extra socks AND missing socks I know this must happen to other people, right? But now, it's underwear for my boys...okay, my hubbie and son, to be exact. They both scratch their head and wonder where all of their underwear go. And I honestly don't know. I search, oh yeah, I look under beds, near the washing machine, the hamper? Why would I check in the hamper? I've checked laundry baskets and other misc places. Where do they all go?

And why is it my responsibility to know where these items are at all times and a better question is why it's my responsibility to find them? Yuck. Dirty socks and underwear. Dang. Did I sign up for this duty somewhere along the way? When I ask the question to "my boys," they only shrug and say, "cuz, you're the mom." Hmmm, now where have I heard that before?

Or what about, the slamming of cupboard doors one-by-one by family members and of course the refrigerator door slams next. "Mom, where's all the food?" It's Wednesday. I went shopping on Friday night and spent $160 on food. Where did that all go, I ask. They want me to get more food. I say no. Why, they ask, with hungry eyes of a child who has had something to eat ten minutes ago. Friday, that's shopping day, that's why. They moan and groan and then find something that they'd passed over earlier in the week. It's hard not to stop to the store during the week and of course there are times when I must, but I could quite possibly be there every day if I didn't draw the line. I ask my 21 yr old to stop by for her own needs and you'd think I'd just slapped her. But that's another story.

How about the towel dilemma--those sometimes, too become MIA. And since when were two towels needed for a shower? This is a necessity according to my daughter. Heck I'm all for using the same one two days in a row, now that is a sin.

And how is your day? Can anyone relate to any of this craziness?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Is it my birthday?

Okay folks, I'm feeling older today, much older. Is it her birthday, you ask? Nope. Might as well be though--feeling the wrinkles pop out as I type this. The grays aren't hidden any longer. Why more so today?

Well, my daughter turns 21 today and my 15 yr old son started drivers training this week. (thought I was going to have a heart attack when I saw my son behind the wheel of the car with the instructor--where was my peace then?) Whew, all good news, but dang, I'm feeling my age today. And all before my 40th birthday in October. Gee, I wonder how I'll feel then? Don't go there.

Age is all a state of mind. Then I'm 200 today, yeah for me :) Try blowing out those candles. I'm going now to get my cane ;)

Ya'll have a good day and I hope you're feeling younger than I am.