Tuesday, March 18, 2008


As Good Friday and Easter rapidly approaches, I find myself getting excited.

You see, I take time off from work and have a day just for me and my Lord on Good Friday, every year. I'm so looking forward to devotional and prayer time just with my Counselor and Mighty God, and then a little time for my writing, for much needed peace. I usually try to fast as well, and while I don't want to seem ready for a pat on the back, I just can't keep quiet about my enthusiasm for spending one-on-one time with my Savior.

I'm counting down the days and just wanted to share how enthusiastic I am about making time to concentrate on reading scripture and getting close with the Risen Lord and Savior! I can't wait...

And then in my bitty brain, I wonder why I need to wait until Friday?


C. H. Green said...

Don't you just love how the Holy Spirit reveals those little truths to us...thanks for the post. I too, have been looking more forward to my Bible studies and prayer times. I think He is drawing us closer now more than ever because the of the times and the drawing near of His coming.

Lisa said...

Hi Cindy,

Thx for stopping by! I had a wonderful day on Good Friday...forced myself to ignore the Spring cleaning calling my name, stayed away from the goodies, and focused on the Word.

I also spent time on learning more about the power of essential oils for purification, etc.

It was a relaxing day...didn't even leave my home. We received a lot of snow and was the first day during the work week that I didn't have to get out in it!

Dave said...


I got your note awhile ago, and I just remembered it. I couldn't find it, so here I am in person sort of.

You mentioned Writers in the Mist. I think it died. I haven't had much energy, let alone time to maintain the site.

I think everyone has been too busy writing and getting published anyway. :)

I can think of 4 right off the bat that have been published since we started.