Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Okay, so what have I been doing??

Searching for freebies! Has the economy been a factor for you? It surely has been for our family. So every penny counts now...how about for you?

So...I've been searching hi & lo for the best freebie sites, which I will be adding slowly to this site as I come across them. I've tried the 'so-called' freebies and surveys, and sure enough I've spotted 'loopholes', the true cost for the item in the midst of filling out question after question to get the so-called "free" item. Although the sites I list will have some of these listed on the sites, you should be able to spot them right away when they ask for any kind of 'participation' clause at the beginning and usually the bigger the item, the greater the participation, as one would assume. Try one and see if you want to put the time, energy and cost into this sample and then you'll know whether it's worth it for you...quite frankly I didn't find a sample I felt was worth all of the questions and requirements, but to each his own.

I've ordered many samples over the past month and they are slowly but surely coming in! Why samples? Well, for one, it's nice to have the extra product of something that we are use and need anyway, but it is also a great way to see what's new out there! And best of all, it really is FUN! Okay...and addicting. Only one downside, SPAM and unnecessary newsletters required for the sample, but I have been able to unsubscribe successfully to those I don't want any longer. As for the spam, I would highly recommending setting up an email account just for your freebies, so you know which are actually coming from your freebies! (I didn't do this, but no matter, I'll survive...) I would not put your phone number in, either...unless you want sales people after you...if the sample requires it, ask yourself if the sample is worth it. Maybe it is.

I'm currently trying one "free" survey site that pays $$ per survey...I'll let you know how that goes as I have a feeling I'm not going to like the added 'stipulations' as I go along. Will keep you all posted.

My favorite website so far is http://www.mysavings.com/ because of their cool forum that lists the ups&downs of each sample and actually lists comments to show which ones are SPAM and which samples were actually sent out. It seems to be maintained often also.

Happy Hunting!

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