Sunday, January 13, 2008

On the lighter side of things

On the subject of getting things done...

I finally got motivated and decided to re-do my son's bedroom...the poor boy has had teddy bears stenciled as a border and wall paper that has long needed to be replaced for long time. Sure I tried, really I did. I put baseball theme over the border that included banners, baseball items, and covered the carpeting with an area room that well, could be a boys color, but really isn't. He hangs out in our rec room downstairs so it really doesn't matter to him.

But he asked for a different bed because his bed was up higher as part of a sturdy desk, drawer and bed combo and getting down was not as easy because of his height and a ceiling fan, which is what started all of this. :)

So I spent a week getting all of his things out, how the walls hadn't collapsed from all of that stuff is a miracle. The bed came down yesterday and that was heavy, but thankfully my hubbie and son got it out into the garage until the Salvation Army picks it up. It is in good condition but decided it would be best to donate it. Next week the painter comes and then later in the week the room will be re-carpeted and then the new bed arrives. The hardest part?

Picking out the color. I like the fact that I can make good decisions quickly when necessary. Picked out a scrap of carpeting within five minutes. Two places looking at a bed and made the decision. The color? I had one picked out on the Benjamin-Moore site. Good. No problem. Then I got the wonderful idea to make sure that the brochure matched the color on line, to make sure. I went to the local hardware store for the sample. Unfortunately I found a bunch of them and then didn't like the one I picked out any longer, and had MANY others I liked. They were all so close that it wouldn't matter if I had picked any of them. Silly. I finally asked my hubbie to help pick out the top five. Okay, okay, ladies, I know what you're thinking, mistake. He didn't like it, but he actually picked out the one that I decided to go with. :)

So that had been decided and bed paid for, etc. The painter asks, "do you want the ceiling painted?" I told him that the ceiling was fine. That was until I actually looked at the ceiling. It still had those little glow-in-the-dark stars that have been up since my son was a little boy. I took them off and the glue from the back left discoloring of little dots. No problem, I'll just call the painter back and tell him to do the ceiling in an off-white.

Off-white. No problem, the painter said. Do you have the color of the Benjamin-Moore color? No, I said, can't you just pick one out? He laughed. OH no, he says, I don't think so. Darn. He suggested I pick out another color. I say his own words back, Oh no, I don't think so. How about white? I asked, and then continued, And don't even think about asking for a number. was your day?

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