Friday, January 18, 2008

Project completed!

Whooppiee!! Project completed!

Such a little room, such a lotta work. The carpeting was replaced this morning. The bed delivered and setup at noon. Just need to get the personal things back in and figure out which pics to hang.

It looks so much different. Funny thing though, if you read my last post you know that I struggled a little too much (for me) to pick a color of paint for the walls. Well...I went with the paint that my hubbie liked since I couldn't make up my mind (out of the top five anyway ;)

Once he saw the room painted for the first time though, he didn't like the color. He said, "it looks pink." Oh good gravy. It's not anywhere near the pink hues. But with the fluorescent light bulb we had in there, by golly (I barely admitted), it did seem a pink tint to it. No problem it's only for a teenage boy...but after changing the bulb and getting the carpeting replaced, it looks more like the creamy beige we picked out. But still...there are times...when yes, it looks a pale pink. Shhh...don't tell my son...

And how was your day?? Now on to the living room...did I just write that? I must be insane!


Diane said...

Lisa--what a huge project! And how quickly it got done.

I must tell you......we bought light bulbs for our front entry way two weeks ago...and they are still sitting on the kitchen counter! We don't move real fast around here! Of course, the chances we'll be putting them out in the sub zero weather.....are zip!

EVERY single light has burned out in the front of the house! How does that happen...simultaneously.....geesh...and in the middle of a Minnesota Winter! So I don't think I'll be tackling a project as large as yours....until.....that's UNTIL the light bulbs are in!

Happy redoing! Doesn't it feel good when it is all done! You'll have to post some pictures. Did you do the before and after kind?


Lisa said...

That is hilarious, Diane! We are getting hit hard with snow and cold temps as well!

Once I make up my mind to do something, then I want it done! We have wanted that room (or I have :) done for many years, so we don't get to home projects fast either!

My hubbie is already moaning as I prepare him for the living room project, now that...will be interesting!

I didn't do a before and after! I should have! I'll see if I can find an old one and post the new. It is a small room so we could get everything done faster. The guys who weren't enthused about the project are the ones that like it the most now. Cody is upstairs in his room a lot more...hmmm...go figure.

And yes, it does feel good! Now I need more funds to move forward...that little tax rebate check would be very nice!

Anonymous said...

LIVINGROOM????? NO WAY!!!!! haha. Love you

Lisa said...

Come on...time to pick out more paint colors!!

How about purple? J/K!